Friday, November 14, 2008


Mariah Carey just told Redbook Magazine that one of her favorite Christmas traditions is going to Aspen and jumping into a hot tub with her girlfriends wearing their "Christmas bikinis," then rolling in the fresh snow, and then jumping back into the hot tub.


Quantum of Solace is in theatres today- actually opening in over 92 countries. DID YOU KNOW that James Bond almost became a father in this movie? Yep, when Paul Haggis, from London Ontario was writing the script, he really wanted Bond to become a Dad but the idea was shot down by producers. Apparently James Bond would lose a few cool points if he was pushing a stroller.


Diddy is slated to guest star in two episodes of the CBS drama CSI: Miami. According to Entertainment Tonight, he'll play a federal prosecutor who has some sort of conflict with David Caruso’s Horatio, both professionally and personally. Diddy's guest appearances will air early next year...


Sure, you love American Idol -- but would you wear it around your neck? This January, to coincide with the launch of Idol's eighth season, a line of Idol-branded mens' and womens jewelry, clocks and wristwatches will hit te market. The gold and silver products, including cell phone charms, will be decorated with the Idol logo and other graphic elements from the show. Sorry, no tiny gold replicas of Ryan, Simon, Randy or Paula will be available.

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