Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well according to the New York Post, that would be a yes, saying they are "quietly shopping for a house” on New York City's Upper East Side. Actually – the quote was – the “two are discreetly looking at properties that cost between 30 million and 60 million dollars. Finally – the Chicago Sun Times reports they plan to go public on New Year’s Eve. Stay tuned!

Get Out Your MONEY!

How much would you pay for the chance to fly to Montreal and hang out with CELINE DION on the final night of her Taking Chances world tour? Well right now, the minimum bid is $25,000 – BUT, it includes airfare for you and seven friends to Montreal, a private meet and greet with Celine at the finale of her tour, a four-night stay for you and your friends at a luxury hotel, and a library of Celine DVDS and CDs. ( – auction closes Dec 11th)

Ok...How much would you pay to set sail with John Mayer on a luxury cruise? Well right now, the minimum bid is $25,000 but you and three friends will fly to L.A. and join John on his Mayercraft Carrier fan cruise called Set Sail With a Rock Star, which leaves from Southern California on March 27th. You'll also get two nights at a luxury hotel and an autographed guitar from John. ( – auction closes Dec 11th)

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