Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, everyone’s talking about Adam Lambert on the American Music Awards. Still. ABC received 1500 phone calls the night of the show, complaints that his show closing sexually charged performance was NOT appropriate for television. ABC is calling the response moderate and actually the WEST coast version of the show had MOST of the canoodling cut out. Now Adam’s calling it discrimination- all hail freedom of expression….PLEASE.


The internet’s been going CRAZY lately over the W magazine cover shot of Demi Moore. They’re saying it’s been photo shopped, she swore NO WAY…now the truth has finally come out. They took the BODY of 26 yr old model Anja Rubik and stuck Demi Moore’s head on it!!! Demi is crying ageism, saying she’s 47 and can’t get a part otherwise…um what happens when she shows up in person!!


Miley pulled a DIVA act that’s gotten her in a little hot water…she was recently ordering food from Pop Burger in Manhattan…and when the guy behind the counter asked for her name on the ticket, she caused a massive scene shouting – helllloooo are you serious? You don’t recognize me?? I’m Miley Cyrus. – to which he replied, that’s nice for you, here’s your order. HA!


BTW, it looks like Cougar Town WILL be ok after all, still going on a mystery hiatus so Courtney can fix a private matter, but doesn’t look like it’s getting cancelled.

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