Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh Mel Gibson…seriously how do we sum this week up?? Tapes were released of Mel screaming at his ex girlfriend, things we just cannot repeat. Let’s just say, he’s now being investigated by the department of Children and Family Services, and MOST are saying he can kiss his career goodbye.

Just 4 days away from going to prison, Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into a "sober-living house" in an attempt to get the judge to reduce her 90 day sentence. Miss Lohan checks in on the 20th and has to surrender…HER HAIR extensions!

It's official: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher got married this week in Georgia…Carrie wore a fancy diamond tiara and her dog Ace sported a crystal encrusted pink tuxedo…and barked during the vows.

There’s gonna be an Oprah MOVIE coming…2011, to coincide with her final show. PS, who on EARTH would play her??

Joe Jonas might have a new girlfriend…Alice from Twilight (Ashley Greene). Taylor Lautner might be back together with his high school sweetheart Sarah Hicks.

Justin Bieber might be single and ready to mingle (his quote), but according to his mom Patti, he plans to remain pure, until marriage. Something tells me mom this isn’t gonna happen.

Finally this weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio’s creepy movie Inception opens – it was filmed in Tokyo, LA, London, Tangiers and Calgary. When you’re watching the movie, the snowstorm scenes are Calgary. Go figure. It’s Fortress Mountain Resort on a set that took 3 months to build.