Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Who would have ever thought the person that would try to take down Heidi and Spencer Pratt…would be Al Roker? Mr weatherman interviewed them yesterday on the Today Show and it was incredibly awkward, he inferred that Spencer was a jerk, question their religion and apparently made Heidi cry after it was over. Then, he ran to his computer and twittered that they were at the 11 minute mark of their 15 minutes of fame. Heidi retaliates by going on Ryan Seacrest’s show and warns women to stay away. Story developing…good lord.


For the 3rd time this year, she’s been accused of robbery (A mink coat in January, then a couple months later, Louis Vuitton stated they won’t work with her after some alleged stealing)…well the latest incident happened at an Elle Magazine photo shoot in London, Lindsay was gushing over a necklace and earrings she had to wear, worth $500,000. 2 days after the shoot, Elle representatives called the studio asking, hey where’s our stuff? GONE. Lindsay had flown back to NY. Now the case has been handed over to the Scotland Yard, British authorities are trying to reach her for questioning.


For centuries, mankind has been searching for the secret of eternal youth. Well if the reports are correct, Catherine Zeta-Jones seems to have found it. A reporter could be very close to blowing her cover…he recently got his hands on an insurance report filed by a studio, where her REAL D.O.B. was listed…as 51 years old, not 39 like all of her bios say. This could open up a whole can of worms, as they are threatening to blow the lid off Hollywood, exposing a TON of other celebs who have been lying. (Beyonce, J-Lo, Sandra Bullock, Barbara Walters). Men? Does it matter?


We might as well call today Jonas Brothers Day. They’ll be hosting the MMVA’s on Sunday night, the Teen Choice Awards August 10th on Fox, today, ALL day the Disney Channel is playing a JoBros marathon and they’re new album Lines, Vines & Trying Times is in stores.

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