Thursday, May 13, 2010


Miley Cyrus’s latest video has nothing to do with her music. Go to TMZ, it’s a minute long clip of Miley’s raunchy dancing with director Adam Shankman, during a wrap party for her movie The Last Song. Apparently the dancing offended so many people that parents left the party with their kids – ummm, PS, Adam is 44 and gay and Miley’s parents weren’t there to reprimand.


The entire cast of Jersey Shore might get replaced – YES, they’re filming season 2, however, producers are saying it’s going to be their last, that they DID it to themselves by demanding huge salary increases after season 1. Sorry Snooks.


The creator of Cougar Town wants to change the name of the show. The creator Bill Lawrence thinks the show has evolved – and let’s face it, a LOT of people aren’t watching because they think it’s about a cougar preying on young men. I believe he said test audiences are saying, “I don’t wanna watch some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys”...they are considering the names – Friends and Neighbors and The Family Jules (spelled like her name).

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