Friday, June 25, 2010


Well…this week brought us another Bachelor breakup. Jake and Vienna broke up…on the telephone. Some say she was smothering, while others say she’s dating Gregory Michael from the show Greek. The best part? He has to give the $50,000 diamond ring back to the prop department of ABC!!

Drake reportedly has a thing for Snooki…did you hear? They were canoodling backstage at the MMVA’s Sunday night (which btw goes down in history as the most-watched broadcast of any program ever on MuchMusic), he was flirting, holding her hand and trying to get her to come to his after party…BUT when she showed up, she was denied entry. When he found out, he was LIVID.

Madonna is doing a little home renos this week, adding an entire FLOOR to her new 32-million-dollar townhouse in Manhattan. She’s adding a gym, hair salon, separate closet just for luggage, wine cellar, 10 more bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Price tag? 2 million dollars.

Justin Bieber set out on his first headlining tour this week, get ready for September 19th, cuz he’s rolling into Rexall with 11 buses and 9 trucks carrying 64,000 lbs of equipment, 10 disco balls and one million pieces of confetti (per show).

I think Lady Gaga has gone too far. She’s reached out to a man named Gunther Von Hagens, the guy who invented a method for preserving cadavers. Yah, she wants to use dead bodies as props on stage. PS – she’s coming to Rexall August 26th and 27th…enjoy that!

Ok, I will leave you with this. Robert Pattinson is a real vampire. Ok, well we just found out that he’s a distant relative to Prince Vlad Dracul…aka Vlad the Impaler….aka the inspiration for Dracula. This is too much, I KNEW IT!

4 Alum from Saturday Night Live plus their best friend Kevin James have a movie in theatres today…GROWN UPS. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. It looks SO funny.

PS - Before you go out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, take a moment to remember Michael Jackson, can you BELIEVE it's been a YEAR already!