Monday, July 20, 2009


REID IS TOTALLY COMING BACK...that's what I think anyway...and I am not alone!

According to Reality Steve...

  • I think that Reid plays a pretty big role in what happens in the finale. Maybe he professes his love, maybe he comes back to propose, whatever the case, he plays a role in it. If he didn’t, he would’ve appeared at the “MTA” taping this past weekend, sat on the hot seat, and answered questions about his journey.
  • Many sources are not expecting a normal ending…otherwise, in all the interviews she has done, she would have said she was more in love.
  • They are predicting a cliffhanger ending Monday night – that will lead into Tuesday night After the Final Rose (since last season did so well).
  • What know is that we will not have a normal two hour finale. Something is going to happen which will force you to tune in to Tuesday night to get the resolution you’re looking for…


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