Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hollywood 360 Aug 27


Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan have….broken up. After 2.5 yrs, they have ended their engagement. Does this mean they’ve broken up though?

90210 UPDATE! (Or shall we call it, 9.0.NEW.1.0!)

6 days and counting! Ok, here’s a little snippet…Kelly Taylor is back as the guidance counselor with a 4 yr old son (Brandon or Dylan’s)…? Looks like it’s Dylan’s, and he’s been booked for episode 6! (think it’ll last that long??) Oh, and another thing: Brian Austin Green (David Silver) will NOT be coming back, he has his eye on a much bigger role- he wants to play Riddler in the next Batman movie, he’s trying to schedule meetings with producers. (Ps – Cher is rumored to play Catwoman, so what does that say?)


Tom Brady just closed a deal to buy a plot of land in Brentwood –for $11 million. We repeat -- he bought 3 acres of dirt for eleven mil! – he took out a mortgage for $8.225 mil that he will pay back in 5 years. Oh one more thing: Tony Romo also just bought some real estate: $699,000 on a place in Dallas county.


Lindsay Lohan’s Dad is putting out a challenge. He wants to fight Kevin Federline in a boxing match. Lohan said, quote, "Everyone wants me to fight K-Fed because he's a notorious celebrity and so am I. It's for charity."- no word yet if that will happen, but he says if it does, he’ll get his 24yr old fiancé Erin to fight Debbie Gibson.


September 10th - Canadian Idol Finale with Mariah Carey, John Legend, Jully Black, Brian Melo and Jully Black.

September 11th - - the premiere of the Canadian So You Think You Can Dance

September 25th – the premiere of Survivor: Gabon goes head to head with My Name Is Earl and The Office.

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