Friday, August 1, 2008



Well, I am about to embark on a MAJOR journey. As of Monday August 4th, I am beginning the "transformation of all transformations"...Soldiers of Fitness. Boot camp.
YUP!!!! After seeing Carlos our Goodwill Ambassador do it for a month, Ian and I are jumping in.

I am terrified, I am nervous, but the most excited I've EVER been about something in my life. I have gained weight, lost weight, gained motivation and like so many people, lost it, but I have NEVER EVER made lasting positive changes, through exercise. UNTIL NOW.

Ready for this? 90 minutes a night, 5 days a week, for 4 straight weeks (then it goes down to 3 days a week, if you want to continue, which I fully plan to for at least a year.)

We met with the Instructor 2 weeks ago and I believe his words were..."We expect you to give us your personal best, every single night, but just know, it will NEVER quite be enough for us. Take all your pride, put it in a little box, then place it on the seat of your car...get out, complete the night, then get back in your car and collect your pride on the drive home. Then get up and do it all over again, EVERY DAY."

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????????????????????????????? I am soooooooooo excited, scared and READY to make a change.

Stay tuned for regular updates/GROANS!!

Have an AWESOME long weekend!


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