Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oprah is being sued. Here’s the story: Apparently the insurance company Mutual of Omaha is suing her over the use of the phrase "aha moment." Harpo Productions is saying THEY own the phrase because Oprah ALWAYS uses it…But now Mutual is coming out of the woodwork to say they have the preliminary trademark on the it. They’re hoping to reach an agreement this week. Is this lawsuit worthy, do YOU guys say things you should have trademarked??


The word on the street is that she and Chris Brown are “quietly living together” – a source close to Rihanna's family says she has told all of us to 'get over yourselves...I'm with him, so deal with it.'" Rihanna also allegedly told her friends she does not plan to go public with the news she and Brown are once again an item, quote, "for a while."


Miley Cyrus gossip. She has that underwear model boyfriend Justin, but the word is, she wants to dump him and get back together with Nick Jonas. Apparently he’s the curly haired short one that everyone likes him. Well they like Jo the one with the straight hair, but he actually uses a flattening iron. So Nick and Miley - they’re "constantly" on the phone to one another, and were even smooching at the Jonas' house recently. Apparently, Miley is tortured about how to let Justin down easy -- she's been crying to friends, saying, "How do I tell him? I don't know how to do this!"

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