Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ok, well it looks like they might now be making a MOVIE about Britain’s Got Talent Susan Boyle. James Cameron from Titanic has expressed a desire to get the film rights and direct…guess who has made inquiries about obtaining the rights to Boyle's life story- Catherine Zeta Jones.

PS- it’s officially become the most-watched clip in YouTube history!!! (Over 75,000,000 views!!)


We all know Michael Jackson is a bit unusual…so are we surprised he’s been seen around town with a new companion? A mannequin. Yah - E! Online is reporting he was spotted Monday leaving the Ed Hardy clothing store in Beverly Hills with a tattooed male mannequin- then he placed it on the seat of his car and was seen driving all around town with it. No word on how much it cost…no word on why the hell he’s friends with it.


According to Life & Style Magazine, Heidi Montag was negotiating to pose for Playboy – and of course Spencer is ALL for it. He thinks they can get $500,000, an insider says she really wants to do it, just a matter of working out the details. Heidi wants to do so-called “tasteful nudity” but that won’t get as much money. She says she just wants to look like she belongs.

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