Friday, October 16, 2009


Michael Jackson’s movie “This is It” has pre-sold more tickets already than anyone imagined, experts believe it could become the highest-grossing concert movie of all time. (right now, that title is held by Hannah Montana). Movie opens BTW Oct 28th. Oh and if you watch DWTS, Monday night they’re doing an ALL MJ tribute a la ballroom and latin.


TV Crossover time - Lost is coming to Desperate Housewives. Creator Marc Cherry said there will be a plane crash as a mid season cliffhanger and that the plane could be part of the Oceanic Airlines fleet.


WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE- Director SPIKE JONZE transforms the short but iconic MAURICE SENDAK children's book into a live-action adventure, starring 12-year-old MAX RECORDS as the boy who travels to an island and is anointed the king of the wild creatures. CATHERINE KEENER, JAMES GANDOLFINI, FOREST WHITAKER and MARK RUFFALO also star. Rated PG.

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - GERARD BUTLER is a criminal seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter. He torments a prosecutor, played by JAMIE FOXX, by organizing killings in Philadelphia from prison. Oscar-nominated Doubt actress VIOLA DAVIS also stars. Rated R.

THE STEPFATHER - Gossip Girl's PENN BADGLEY grows suspicious of his mom's new husband, who may or may not have evil intentions. SELA WARD and DYLAN WALSH also star in this thriller. Rated PG-13.

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