Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hollywood 360- July 9,10

SO much happening in Hollywood...where do we begin?

Matthew Picks a Name

As you know, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY finally got around to naming his baby..."LEVI". Before you think jeans though - it's actually from the bible. Matthew says his son was born Monday night at 6:22, and those numbers represent his favorite verse in the book of Matthew in the Bible. The verse reads: "If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light." Awwww, who knew he was this deep?

90210 2.0 UPDATE..AGAIN!

So let's go through the list. Which OLD cast members are joining the NEW CW show? Jennie Garth - playing a guidance counsellor. Tori Spelling- boutique owner. Shannon Doherty- probably will just be a "you know what" - -and we NOW hear that NAT from the Peach Pit - Joe E. Tata is coming back...for at LEAST 1 episode. (wonder if the show will GET more than that??)

Kelsey Grammer gets SUED! reports that "Frasier" had his kitchen renovated once...then twice...then a THIRD time by a company called The Last Detail -- then decided NOT to pay up! He's being sued for almost $200,000.

We'll Sell...If YOU STOP!

NO Brangelina's twins haven't arrived yet. But when they do - - they're expecting the first pictures will fetch at least 16 million dollars!!! According to TMZ though - the only way Brangelina will sell, is if the media stops calling Brangelina...the ridiculous merged nickname...Brangelina. (PS- that money is apparently ALL going to charity).

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