Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hollywood 360 Monday July 7th

Hey Energy Nation…Here’s your Hollywood 360 for Monday July 7th!

Apparently a drunk angry Superhero named Hancock is box office gold – Will Smith brought in $66 million this weekend…sweet little Wall-E made $33 million. (Did you know he’s ALREADY getting Oscar buzz? Wall-E that is)!

OK you may have already heard this…but it’s looking more and more every day that the show FRIENDS IS IN FACT being made into a movie (sometime before 2010). Apparently Jennifer and Courtney hung out this weekend to discuss the plot. Q: How will they make an ENTIRE movie without the TV laugh track?? (think about it).

It’s going to be a FUN night on TV - Deanna Pappas from The Bachelorette makes her FINAL choice…will it be Jesse the Snowboarder from Colorado or Jason the single Dad from Seattle? (GO JASON!!!!!!!!)Also tonight - Canadian Idol is on, Group 1 from the final 16 perform. Good luck to our Albertans!

Settle in…talk to you tomorrow!

PS –Feel free to email me ANY Hollywood 360 questions you might have…If I don’t know the answer, I’ll go digging!


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