Friday, July 11, 2008

Hollywood 360 Monday July 11th

Well, we made it through another week in Hollywood...let's recap!

To Dance or Not To Dance?

The New York Daily News says that Lance Bass is "locked and loaded" for the next season of Dancing With the Stars…but the producers are freaking out…because Lance is openly gay, they’re not sure if they should pair him with a female partner or a male partner. Thoughts??

Jessica Gets an Offer

Jessica Alba just received an offer from OK Magazine. They’ll buy her baby Honor’s pictures for $1.5 million dollars - - IF she follows the rules of the 2 part deal. They can be the ONLY magazine she sells to, and she’s got to provide pictures NOW and then either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Wanna See a Movie?

Journey to the Center of the Earth -- 3D adventure starring BRENDAN FRASER as a science professor who, with his nephew and a female guide, explores, well, the center of the Earth. Rated PG.

Meet Dave -- EDDIE MURPHY stars as the title character, which is actually a spaceship in human form controlled by very small aliens who live inside the body.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army -- RON PERLMAN returns as the demon superhero Hellboy, who battles an underground dictator and his army of fantasy creatures. SOUNDS RIVETING.

PS- NEW SHOW premieres on CBS tonight “Flashpoint” hostage rescuers, bomb defusers – SHOT in Toronto.

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