Friday, September 12, 2008


Kanye West and his bodyguard/road manager were arrested yesterday morning at LAX after allegedly smashing a paparazzi's 10-thousand-dollar camera to the floor. Kanye and the road manager, Don Crowley, were on their way to Hawaii when Kanye, apparently upset that a photographer was taking pictures of him, allegedly threw the man's camera on the ground.

Then, a videographer, who was shooting the incident, was allegedly grabbed by Crowley, and his camera was smashed as well. LAX Public Information Officer NANCY CASTLE confirmed that Kanye and Crowley were arrested; Kanye was charged with felony vandalism, while Crowley was charged with felony vandalism and battery.

After being booked, Kanye posted bail of 20 thousand dollars and was set free. He has a court date set for October 2nd.When we contacted him yesterday, Kanye's publicist simply said, "No comment."

PS- Kanye's new CD, 808's & Heartbreak, is due out in December.

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