Monday, September 28, 2009


NBC censors had their hands full at the premiere of Saturday Night Live. And not with Megan Fox. One of the new cast members Jenny Slate dropped the F Bomb during a sketch (first time it’s happened since 1981), rumor is Lorne Michaels fired her right after the show (don’t think this has happened…yet). Good news, they had time to replace it with freakin for the Western time zones.


Conan O’Brien should NOT do his own stunts, unless he wants another concussion. On Friday he slipped, fell and hit his head while rehearsing a triathalon sketch with Teri Hatcher, and had to be rushed to the hospital, forcing NBC to air a rerun of the Tonight Show (something they have NEVER done). Looks like he’ll go back to work today to talk to Drew Barrymore.


After ONE solid MONTH of dating, Khloe Kardashian got married to LA Lakers forward Lamar Odom last night. Here’s where it gets a little Reality TV’ish though…on Saturday he told her he wanted a pre-nup but lawyers were worried there wouldn’t be enough time. And they couldn’t move the wedding because E! was footing the 1 million dollar bill, and the wedding HAD to be shot that day to become an episode. So…Lamar is now demanding a post nup and some say they’re already hitting road blocks and fighting over the $300,000 they got from the wedding pics. And the 6 million dollar house HAS to have a basketball court.


More Brad and Angie rumors: Angelina threw him out of the house saying this time it’s for good – all they ever do is fight. He has hired a real estate agent to find him a new Paris apartment. A source says “Brad looked scruffy, bloated and unshaven… he looks as if he’s living out of a suitcase.”


James Michael Tyler, who played ‘Gunther’ on Friends, says Friends The Movie is on for 2011. All 6 core actors are in negotiations and the creators David Crane & Marta Kauffman, have reportedly been drafted to write and produce the movie.


Well, we have our first cancellation of the TV season. Any guesses? One of the most expensive news shows this season - The Beautiful Life on the CW with Mischa Barton and producer Ashton Kutcher. After 2 episodes, they shut it down mid taping. The Vampire Diaries however has gotten 9 more episodes and Melrose (6 more). Tonight Lie to Me starts again for Season 2, we have ONE new show starting – oh yippee, another medical drama – called Trauma.

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poor Conan! i guess this is the way it has to be though -- hiring a stunt men wouldn't have been very funny