Friday, September 4, 2009


70 days after he died, Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest last night. 200 guests arrived, then 90 minutes later, the funeral started. (Feldman, Macaulay, etc). Gladys Knight sang- then after the service Michael's 5 brothers -- each wearing a red tie and a glove with one crystal on it -- carried his gold coffin into the mausoleum. The public won’t ever be allowed into the building, the closest you’d be able to get to the tomb is a stained glass re-creation of The Last Supper that appears near it.


Will I Am from the BEP wants to try out for the Miami Dolphins. He’s not joking, he says "I always loved the game of American football...I'm sad that I never followed my football dreams...Lately I've been thinking, is it too late to do it now?” He then goes on to say he could outrun Reggie Bush and posted a video on his blog directed to the owner Stephen Ross saying - "Yo, Ross, this ain't no joke. I want to play. What's the worst that's gonna happen? I don't make the team...or I smoke your defense?" Will says the position he'd like is punt returner.


Chris Brown is in a feud with…Oprah? Yep, it seems he’s pretty upset that she did that show about domestic violence, and made him the subject matter. He feels as though he has done a lot of stuff her like “going to Africa and performing at her school – and should have helped them out a little more”. Oprah didn’t like that so much so responded THROUGH her people to TMZ’s people saying “she’s appreciative that performed, but hopes he gets the counseling he needs. – don’t mess with Oprah dude.


Keanu Reeves is in a little baby mama drama. A woman from Barrie Ontario- Karen Sala claims that Keanu could be the father to one of her 4 grown up children, so he's FINALLY agreed to a DNA test - probably because she is seeking MAJOR cash - $MILLIONS - and, did I mention the kids are over 20 now??


If you like the show Mad Men, this is good - it’s been renewed for a 4th season – season 3 just got started August 16th, so no end in sight anytime soon.


Gamer -- This thriller is set in a futuristic world where video game players control prisoners in a real-life shooting game starring GERARD BUTLER's Kable. MICHAEL C. HALL, KYRA SEDGWICK and JOHN LEGUIZAMO also star. Rated R.

All About Steve -- SANDRA BULLOCK is a crossword puzzle writer who falls hard for a TV news cameraman and begins to stalk him. BRADLEY COOPER and THOMAS HADEN CHURCH also star in this romantic comedy. Rated PG-13.

Extract -- JASON BATEMAN plays Joel, the owner of a flavor extract factory who's eager to hook up with a new and beautiful employee. There's one small problem: he's married. His plan is to have a gigolo sleep with his wife so he won't feel guilty about cheating on her. MILA KUNIS, KRISTEN WIIG, BEN AFFLECK and J.K. SIMMONS also star in this comedy by Office Space director and King of the Hill creator MIKE JUDGE. Rated R.

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