Wednesday, February 3, 2010


With Oscar nominations now out, people are scurrying around talking about the big snubs and predictions. Seems the consensus is that Brad Pitt should have been nominated for Inglorious Basterds, everyone from Nine, except for Penelope Cruz got the snub, Meryl Streep cuz she didn’t get 2 (greedy) and then the big one is that Clint Eastwood, and Academy darling wasn’t nominated for his movie Invictus (Best Pic, Best Director). The other story is that Avatar and Hurt Locker are tied with 9 noms and that’s James Cameron and Catherine Bigelow, who are exes. (Oh and PS Catherine is only the 4th woman to ever be nominated for Best Director).


Mike the Situation from Jersey Shore wants to get trademarked. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received a 6-page application to trademark the words: "The Situation." Not only does he want cologne, but the Situation bathing suits, tank tops, bathrobes, tracksuits and tuxedos. (remember the A-Ha Moment Oprah, Paris That’s Hot)


Ok, so member last week we discussed Taylor Swift dating John Mayer? And how this week she’s into Cory Monteith from Glee? Well, GLEEKS, you can thank Taylor’s momma, Andrea for the John Mayer breakup. Apparently, when she was backstage at the CMT special, she picked up a copy of the new Rolling Stone- saw him shirtless and talking about dirty things, and forbid her from seeing him again!


Joe Jonas is getting his acting on – gonna guest star on Brothers and Sisters, he’ll play a young Balthazar Getty’s character Tommy Walker, in a 2 episode arc.

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