Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Did you watch The Women Tell All last night?? The *&*& flew with Chris Harrison and Roslyn (scandal girl)- they got into a TOTAL FIGHT.

Not only did she deny having a romance with the producer, she also claimed the staffer told her Harrison flirted with the producer's wife during taping of a previous season. Harrison refused to comment on the allegation.

Rozlyn grew increasingly agitated during the special, as some fellow bachelorettes alleged they saw her have physical contact with the producer, who was fired from his job due to the rumors. She again insisted that it was a misunderstanding stemming from her use of his phone to call her son. Rozlyn admitted, however, that she's kept in touch with the producer.

Jake also made a BRIEF appearance and said he is happy with the woman he chose when production wrapped. As for who that woman is, we'll watch him decide between TENLEY and VIENNA on next Monday's finale. DRAMA!!

He was calling it the most shocking television scandal of 2010. Ummm, NO.


Kirk Cameron has released a statement about the disappearance of Andrew Koenig (Boner) in Vancouver. He said “Although I have not had contact with him for many years, I can remember many of the fun times we had on the set of Growing Pains” - Andrew, if you’re reading this, please call me. Mike and Boner could always work things out when they put their minds to it."


Jay Leno is back Monday night for the re-vamped Tonight Show. His guests week one include: Jamie Foxx, Sarah Palin, cast of Jersey Shore, Avril Lavigne, Matthew McConnaughey and every medal winner in the states.

Oh baby Bieber…looks like Twitter campaigns really DO work. There was one called BieberonSNL – well, ta-dah, he’s now the musical guest April 10th. Ps, he was in Paris yesterday and caused a near riot with all the teen girls. Oh zut alors – c’est beaucoup des FILLES!!


Do you wear MAC lipgloss? Well, if you want to sort of feel a touch like Lady Gaga- go buy her MAC lipgloss, Viva Glam- proceeds to the MAC Aids fund. You wouldn’t be alone, her version has outsold any launch in Viva Glam's 16-year history. And don’t worry, the color is actually pretty tame – pinky.


Idol tonight 12 girls. Tomorrow 12 guys. Thursday 4 ppl go home and Kris Allen will sing Let it Be – proceeds to Haiti.

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