Friday, February 19, 2010


Tiger Woods is surfacing today, for 5 minute statement. It’s like he’s the groundhog – if he sees his shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of golf. – The MASSIVELY hyped press conference, 9 our time today. A lot of ppl are boycotting the event- including the 990 members of the Golf Writers of America – their board of directors voted unanimously to stay away, then when they heard he’s talking golf and won’t be taking any questions, most of the media decided to stay away. His statement will be broadcast on every major network. His agent Mark Steinberg and very large bodyguards have been instructed to shout down ANYONE (reporters) if they try to ask questions – which is actually more why ppl want to tune in.


Justin Timberlake is causing major Dram in NYC this week (fashion week) –On Wednesday night, he forced everyone working on his William Rast show to sign a GAG order – stating that they WOULD NOT gossip about him WHATSOEVER, then 3/4ths of the entire site was a closed set to just him, so the crew had to dress the 31 models in a teeny tiny space, causing tempers to flare. Clearly this reporter did NOT sign the gag order cuz he reported this to the NY Post.


DID YOU HEAR the Bachelor news? Bachelor finale is March 1st – get this…In Touch Weekly is reporting that Jake Pavelka is much more calculating than the timid, gosh golly gee pilot we see. They’re saying, he’s using this show to jump start his failed acting career (Hmmm), that he used the name Jake Landrum and he even had an appearance on Walker Texas Ranger and that MANY people feel he’s gay, that he doesn’t even end up with ANYONE on the show.

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