Thursday, February 18, 2010


As I am sure you’ve heard by now, Tiger Woods is going to surface tomorrow for a quick press conference. They’re saying don’t settle in though, it’ll be quick, to a SMALL group of close associates, and he will NOT be taking any questions.


We all THINK The Bachelor is rigged/scripted- - well, I have a scoopage that pretty much solidifies that.

#1- The Bachelor contestant GIA ALLEMAND seemed to have had a backup plan in case she didn't win the show. A New York restaurant owner (Lavatola) DOMINICK PIERNO claims to the New York Post that he has been her boyfriend for the past two years and that this was for exposure. I almost want to say DUH!

#2- Now the other scoop (not the biggest secret) Is Ali the next Bachelorette? Well, her contract hasn’t been signed yet but all signs point to yes. So last week when she “called” Jake from San Fran, she actually was still in LA, and it happened right after she “quit the show”. We're hearing that there were SO many inconsistencies- when he picked up he was wearing shorts, then on the phone was wearing jeans. Then when she was on Ellen, she was pretending to go along with it - Probably will be made official in the next 7-10 days, if not at the “Women Tell All” that taped. 6 figures, They’ll start filming mid-March for a May premiere- just like Jillian’s season.


March 7th, Oscars. Already causing some controversy because they expanded the Best Pic category from 5-10. No songs will be performed this year, the nominees have also been instructed to prepare 2 separate acceptance speeches, a short one for the televised program and a long one for the backstage press conference. AND finally- they’ve also been told they can’t cry!!!


Let me just say I’m sorry- we’ve really gone a LONG time without any Jon Gosselin talk. He’s been talking though – and apparently has made up with TLC. No more lawsuits, so does this mean more TV?


Suri Cruise just got a new purse. Us Weekly reports miss Suri, 3 years old was recently spotted carrying an 850 dollar Salvatore Ferragamo "Sofia" handbag while boarding a helicopter in Jamaica.


Dancing With the Stars comes back March 22nd, Pam Anderson, John Stamos and Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing in the running, rumor mill. The names of the celebrities participating will be announced during the season finale of The Bachelor on March 1st.

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