Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The buzz in Hollywood yesterday was an audiotape that leaked from the set of the new Terminator movie – where Christian Bale has a total meltdown when the Director of Photography walked into his line of sight. It’s quite the rant – I believe the F-bomb was dropped 35 times in 3.5 minutes, he also threatens to quit the film if the guy wasn’t fired. (it got leaked because they had to send the audio to the insurance company that’s backing the film, to be covered in case he DID walk)…Doubt it’ll hurt the publicity…


Lindsay Lohan had a tumultuous Superbowl weekend. On Friday night, Lindsay started looking through Samantha’s Blackberry while chain smoking and didn’t like what she saw – they they got into a drag em out fight – some say they broke up. THEN..on the way home, she had another meltdown in the airport when Delta wouldn’t let her fly business class. Fox news is reporting that passengers began laughing at her when they heard her tell Sam - "You'd better come and visit me back in coach in case I die." Eventually, they stopped her yelling by letting them sit together.


Brad Pitt is feeling the financial crunch and is selling his Malibu, California home for 18 million dollars. If you're interested, the glass-walled home, complete with swimming pool and tennis court, is situated on a bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. If you run out of sugar, you can always borrow a cup from your neighbors, who include Leonardo and Cindy Crawford. Don't feel bad for Brad - he has six other homes around the world.

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