Thursday, March 12, 2009


The JoBros are coming to Canada…EDMONTON! First ever world tour…Jordin Sparks will be the JoBros opening act but so far she's only confirmed for North America. The tour, sponsored by Burger King, will feature the group performing material from their upcoming album, which is due out June 15th. The production will feature a 140-foot-long stage set in the center of the arena, allowing more fans to get closer, as well as lasers, video screens and a giant crane.

We will have tickets ALL NEXT WEEK!


There has been a LOT of controversy (and online petition) surrounding Chris Brown being nominated so many times for the upcoming Kids Choice Awards –well, he’s just announced that he's officially withdrawn his name from consideration for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song. His peeps feel, quote, "the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus from the music to whether he should be allowed to be among those nominated." We’re also learning that YES, they have officially gotten back together, but Rihanna’s camp wants her to keep the relationship on the down-low because they could potentially damage her career. Chris on the other hand wants them to go public again. DISCUSS.


Jon and Kate…Plus 8 not great. Rumors flying around seem to be true…she’s terrible to him (treats him like kid #9) he was caught partying in a Huntington Pennsylvania- acting like a drunk frat chasing idiot.

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