Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Britney may have pulled her act together on the set, but according to one of her dancers, the real circus starts after she gets off the stage. Her private gulfstream jet is full of junk food and dogs who are not housebroken. The plane is stocked with ONLY Twinkies, beef jerky and M&M’s – and when she’s finished, she just throws the wrappers on the floor. They all have to use flashlights when they get up in the middle of the night to pee – because the dogs kinda go where they want. They’re thinking of having an intervention.


When Michael Jackson performs the first of his 50 scheduled shows in London this summer, he might have a surprise musical guest: His oldest son Prince Michael the 1st. – according to Michael, Prince Michael the 1st (who’s 12) is a musical genius. He also wants Britney and Justin to each do 5 shows, and he plans to arrive at each show by boat, ride in on an elephant with parrots, tigers and 100 warriors by his side.


Melissa Rycroft was just offered 500 thousand dollars to pose for Playboy. Hefner even invited Rycroft to the Playboy mansion for dinner so they could talk about the possibility of her posing. An insider said, quote, "Hef really wants Melissa to do a pictorial because she's the ultimate girl next door." Don't expect to see Rycroft showing off her goodies anytime soon, though. The source says her contract dictates she can't strip down until three months after the current season of Dancing with the Stars wraps up.


Chace Crawford from Gossip Girls just did a screen test to replace Zac Efron in Footloose. They’re not concerned that he can’t sing, he’ll lip sync (not sure if he can dance though)– and Kevin Bacon might come back to play the reverend. D...

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