Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Bachelor star JASON MESNICK seems to be looking for sympathy from someone -- anyone -- after he broke things off with his fiancée, MELISSA RYCROFT, on Monday's After The Final Rose special and reunited with the runner-up, MOLLY MALANEY, causing many fans to turn against him.

When asked by the Los Angeles Times if he's surprised by the overwhelmingly negative reaction to his decision, Jason said, quote, "I don't know if the public expected me to just pretend like I'm in a good, happy relationship....It sucks that everyone thinks I'm dragging Melissa over the coals right in front of everybody because it's not true." Jason also implied that the fans' criticism of him is hypocritical, saying, quote, "What's funny is that everybody loves the fact that I break up with somebody every week in the regular part of the show...and now I'm being judged." In truth, Jason says he split from Melissa a week before the After The Final Rose special was taped, but he and his ex-fiancée did not plan their conversation on the program in advance.

Jason hopes that his four-year-old son TY, who interacted with both Melissa and Molly on The Bachelor season finale, can learn from his dad's experience on the show. Jason told the Los Angeles Times, quote, "I think that I want him to look at me and just say, 'My daddy had this crazy experience and it's OK to do some things differently from other people. It's OK that relationships don't work because that's part of real life.'"

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