Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Actress Natasha Richardson suffered a severe brain injury yesterday in a skiing accident.The actress was skiing Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec, Canada. She was on a green slope (for beginners) and, according to the ski patrol, Natasha fell and tumbled down the slope.

Apparently she got up after the fall and was smiling and joking with instructors. She did however complain of a headache about an hour later. As policy instructed, she was taken to a hospital in Montreal.

By the evening (Monday), she was listed in critical condition. Her husband Liam Neeson immediately flew to Montreal when he learned of the accident (Neeson was in Toronto filming a movie with Julianne Moore).

* UPDATE- Time Out New York and Perez Hilton posted that Natasha would not make it - even going so far as posting a "rest in peace". This was NOT accurate.

* UPDATE: 1:37 PM ET We're told Richardson's jet was scheduled to take off from Montreal-Trudeau Airport. A rep for the airport said the jet is either still there or has just taken off.

We're told Natasha Richardson has been transported from the hospital in Canada via ambulance. CTV says she boarded a private jet -- we do not know where the jet has gone, but we believe it's New York City. Richardson was accompanied by a medic team for the flight.

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