Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dancing With the Stars is the number one most watched show on TV right now (almost 23 million people in the states). Beating Idol, beating basketball, beating NCIS. Thank you Kate Gosselin (who ps made it through last night). Oh and after only one month, Leno is now once again beating Letterman (by a tiny margin). 4.9/3.7.

JIM AND JENNY SPLIT (with cash)!

After 5 years, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up yesterday and announced it via their respective Twitter accounts. Word is, he gave Jenny a $50 million dollar trust fund last year to make sure Jenny and her little boy are taken care of. NO hard feelings, they say they’ll always be friends.


Oprah is making April 30th (which is a Friday), No Phone Zone Day. She wants everyone to put the cell phones in the trunk and if you MUST talk or text, pull over. So far, she has the US Department of Transportation on board, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, governors, and probably the Obamas helping.
Ps - Today, Oprah gets to go back to high school with the entire cast of Glee- they’ll share backstage secrets, then perform…and oh, get ready, rumor has it, she’ll even join in.

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