Thursday, April 8, 2010


New Nike bizarre ad with Tiger Woods getting buzz. Started airing yesterday on ESPN, it’s everywhere today. 33 second black and white ad, narrated by Tiger’s late father Earl Woods (died in 2006). A somber Tiger staring motionless into a camera, the whole ad is his Dad asking Tiger questions (from the past, but they’ve made it look like it’s about Tiger’s life now). Tiger doesn’t speak. Nike supports the decision to come back to golf (clearly, cha ching) and the commercial will only until today at 4pm Eastern, a few hours after he tees off at the Masters.


Oprah will announce today that she’s going to host an hour long nighttime talk show called Oprah’s Next Chapter (on her new cable network). Next year/2-3 times a week, The show will quote "take Ms. Winfrey out of the studio setting that has been her home for 25 years and follow her around the globe for conversations in places such as Egypt and China." Celebrity interviews in mystical places. The OWN launches New Year’s Day 2011.


Gosselin drama, beyond the Kate stuff on DWTS- Jon Gosselin is suing for PRIMARY custody of the 8 children, because Kate kicked him out of the guest house and hired 3 nannies to look after the kids while SHE is in LA doing the show. And…Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is engaged to be married to Kate Major, Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend and former Star reporter. When reached for comment, Lindsay said - "I'm gonna vomit! I so didn't need that info...yuck!"

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