Monday, April 5, 2010


Jesse James went to rehab March 26th, apparently he’s had enough though, he’s checked out of the Arizona facility saying he’s fine. A white moving van was spotted outside of his Orange County house, carrying a couch and boxes…apparently he’s staying at a friend’s house. And still denying everything. Everyone’s saying he only went cuz PR people “said that’s what you do” – but he thinks he’s ok.
I heard that he ONLY checked into rehab because the day before, they had a paparazzi incident where where he blocked an SUV and his friend broke windows while he threatened the photographer. It appeared that he may have been avoiding arrest. It’s possible that he worked out a deal to avoid arrest and then left.


Tiger has his big press conference today at noon our time…he’ll be faced by 200 reporters and protected by an army of 82 private bodyguards, including former secret service and FBI agents as well as armed deputies. Team Tiger will be on the lookout for ANYONE who might try to jump in while he’s talking. A few of the women involved have threatened to picket the Masters with megaphones and if you know Tiger, he won’t even allow the sound of a camera clicking.


DWTS is pretty hardcore. ESPN’s Erin Andrews is now getting death threats, Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysachek just broke 2 toes and Kate Gosselin plans to re-inact her break up with John, in tonight’s themed dance. Who said dancing was pretty?

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