Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lionel Richie and producer Quincy Jones are remaking We are the World – but for Haiti (with everyone in the biz right now), it’ll be recorded Feb 1st after the Grammy’s. Now the night before, AT the Grammy’s there’s going to be a tribute to Michael Jackson with Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood, Usher and Jennifer Hudson, as well as Michael’s own voice. They’re all going to be singing one his songs called "Earth Song," while a 3-D movie plays in the background. Go find some 3-D glasses!


HBO thinks it may have found the next “Sopranos”, an upcoming show called “Boardwalk Empire” – Martin Scorcese…the pilot alone cost $ $50 million…teaming with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson of Entourage fame and they’re beginning a script.


Caitlyn Upton. Ring a bell? How about Miss Teen South Carolina from the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, when she gave the most ridiculous answer about geography –yah well, she and her boyfriend will be on the NEW season of The Amazing Race, starting Feb 14th. Guess who else? Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother. Best news ever.

Caitlyn Upton, 20 Hometown: Lexington, South Carolina Occupation: Model-Actress
Brent Horne, 28 Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina Occupation: Model-Advertising Relationship: Dating Models

Louis Stravato, 47 Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island Occupation: Undercover Detective
Michael Naylor, 45 Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island Occupation: Undercover Detective
Relationship: Detectives

Steve Smith, 57 Hometown: Encinitas, California Occupation: Baseball Coach
Allie Smith, 23 Hometown: Encinitas, California Occupation: Marketing
Relationship: Father-Daughter

Jeff Schroeder, 31 Hometown: Norridge, Illinois Occupation: Salesman
Jordan Lloyd, 22 Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina Occupation: Receptionist
Relationship: Newly Dating

Monique Pryor, 39 Hometown: West Orange, New Jersey Occupation: Attorney
Shawne Morgan, 39 Hometown: Bowie, Maryland Occupation: Attorney
Relationship: Moms-Attorneys

Jet McCoy, 30 Hometown: Ada, Oklahoma Occupation: Cowboy
Cord McCoy, 29 Hometown: Tupelo, Oklahoma Occupation: Bull Rider
Relationship: Brothers

Adrian Davis, 40 Hometown: Arlington, Texas Occupation: Medical Sales
Dana Davis, 39 Hometown: Arlington, Texas Occupation: Market Manager
Relationship: Married

Jody Kelly, 71 Hometown: Round Rock, Texas Occupation: Personal Trainer
Shannon Foster, 22 Hometown: Georgetown, Texas Occupation: Healthcare Outreach Contract Analyst
Relationship: Grandmother-Granddaughter

Carol Rosenfeld, 47 Hometown: Los Angeles Occupation: Consultant
Brandy Snow, 40 Hometown: Los Angeles Occupation: Actress
Relationship: Dating

Daniel Pious, 24 Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island Occupation: Financial Advisor
Jordan Pious, 22 Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island Occupation: Strategic Consultant
Relationship: Brothers

Joe Wang, 42 Hometown: El Segundo, California Occupation: Software Salesman
Heidi Wang, 37 Hometown: El Segundo, California Occupation: Homemaker
Relationship: Married


If rumors are to be believed, Jennifer Aniston might be back together with Gerard Butler. Apparently, they were canoodling backstage at the Golden Globes last Sunday. Little bit of champagne, next thing you know all the producers were gabbing about it back and forth on their walkie talkies. What are they 9?

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