Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We might be in for a rocky ride on Idol. According to an anonymous source, Simon arrived an hour-and-a-half late for Ellen's first day of taping Monday, Hollywood week. This source says Ellen went from being nervous about her debut to being really mad that he was so late, because she had juggled her schedule to make room for the taping. She then called Simon Cowell a prima donna and was SO upset, she called a Fox executive and asked him to, quote, "hurry up and pick" Simon's successor. Needless to say the chemistry is NOT great. What do we believe? Oh

PS- Neil Patrick Harris, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry and Avril are this week’s guest judges.


More buzz on Taylor Swift and John Mayer. Tayer? Swaver, Mmmmswift? On Sunday night, they were spotted together enjoying dinner in Nashville at Cabana restaurant. Now, before we speculate, they weren’t completely alone for the whole night, John was in town taping a CMT Crossroads special…but don’t be fooled, I believe this is the new hot couple. Don’t know how I feel about that- she’s a text-a-holic and he Twitters like mad, so I am sure we’ll see lots more soon.


Ok, for Twilight fans, I have REALLY good news. Robert Pattinson (Edward) is REALLY close to signing a record deal. Simon Cowell has approached him to make music, but he’s not alone, there’s a bidding war over him – he sings, plays guitar and piano. Do we care JUST because he’s a vampire or could he really be good?


What do you get for your 16th birthday if you’re Diddy’s kid. Well, Justin had an I AM PRINCE themed party (cuz his dad’s the king) and got a $10,000 cheque (which he gave to Haiti) – then he also got a car. A Maybach, complete with driver – ummm, it cost $360,000. Oh and the party had a 1000 people including the cast of Jersey Shore. Ps – it’s going to be an episode of My Super Sweet 16 for MTV. (FIRST CARS)…


This Is It, the MJ movie DVD is in stores today. In addition to the actual movie, you get 90 minutes of extra stuff – making of, how they picked the dancers, and a new Thriller video.

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