Tuesday, January 12, 2010


American Idol is back tonight, but you won’t see Ellen until the Hollywood round. You will however see all the guest judges- Shania, Avril, Katy Perry, Joe Jonas, etc.

ALSO big news, Simon Cowell has made it official, he’s leaving Idol AFTER this season. Reason? He’s bringing his British show THE X FACTOR to the US, it will ALSO start on Fox, fall 2011. Think Idol, but no age limits. It also allows both groups and solo acts to perform. (Airs in 17 countries). PS- Simon owns the rights to the X Factor, and Forbes say his net worth is approaching a quarter of a billion dollars!! PSS- The producers of Idol tried to get him to stay, even offering the perk of not having to go to the auditions, just to give them 3 hours a week to deliver snide comments, but he couldn’t be swayed. Buh Bye Simon!


Taylor Lautner did not OD on cocaine yesterday, despite the rumors – LATEST internet hoax. I love that a rep for Summit Entertainment, confirms to E! Online that he’s "almost 100% sure Taylor Lautner is alive"…but NO COCAINE overdose to be had.

He’ll actually be a presenter Sunday night at the GG’s.


Good news for Glee fans, Fox has picked it up for a 2nd season - - AND if you REALLY want to make your dreams come true, they’re holding an open nationwide casting call next month for amateurs and pros between the ages of 16 and 26. Go to Fox.com for details. The new cast members will be revealed in the first episode of season 2 and all new episodes of the series (current season) will start on April 13th on Fox.

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