Friday, January 22, 2010


Conan is leaving the building – his last Tonight Show is tonight- Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks will hop on the couch. So basically Conan gets $45 million dollars to leave, 12 of which he plans to divvy up between his staff of 200. Crybaby Jay Leno gets his show back March 1st. I bet Conan will go to Fox in September.

Taylor Swift, when she’s not on tour or working on her 3rd album, is decorating her new Nashville penthouse condo. Turning into her fantasy world actually. Before you think dirty thoughts, don’t. She means she’s putting a pond in her living room. The pond is a moat around the fireplace...You then step on a steppingstone in the pond in order to get to a spiral staircase, which takes you up to a human-sized bird cage observatory." Still wanna be her boyfriend D?


David Beckham got groped for Italian TV. Here’s the thing. A reporter was interviewing him (kind of like a MadTV type show) and before anyone could get to her, she reached out, with rubber gloves on and grabbed his “YOU KNOWS” – testing the peas”, apparently the entire goal of the stunt was to see if he was really as well endowed as the world thinks he is, especially in the light of Becks being replaced by Cristian Ronaldo in the Armani undie ad campaign. How did the story end? She ran away yelling “E piccolo, Beckham” (“Beckham is small”) - - OOPS!!!


Do we HONESTLY need another medical drama? Shonda Rhimes who created Grey’s and Private P, is working on #3 – called OFF THE MAP – doctors in a tropical locale.

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