Monday, January 11, 2010


NBC confirmed yesterday that Jay Leno IS in fact leaving primetime when the Olympics begin. When they finish, it LOOKS as though he’ll go back to 11:35, but only for a half hour show. Conan will be on at 12 and Fallon at 1.

The men however, have yet to formally agree to the changes, so it’s not 100% just yet. Conan’s been making lots of jokes saying "NBC is going to throw me and Jay in a pit with sharpened sticks. The one who crawls out gets to leave NBC." Conan however COULD very well leave and go to Fox, they’ve already announced they want him.

PS- NBC announced they’re developing 7 drama pilots for next season, including Law & Order Los Angeles.

HEY TITANIC...I'M COMING!! (says Avatar)

Avatar is climbing the charts, it made another 50 million this weekend, making it the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time worldwide, JUST behind Titanic.


American Idol starts tomorrow night, this week they film the Hollywood episodes, this will actually be the first time Ellen joins the cast. For the first few weeks, look for Posh Spice, Shania, Katy Perry, Avril, Mary J Blige and Neil Patrick Harris. Randy Jackson notes that we MAY be surprised at what Katy and Avril bring to the table as judges, but says contestants seemed most scared of Mary J. Blige.


Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend, 25 yr old Morgan Christie, a native of Connecticut, who now lives in California. A source tells People Mag, Christie grew up, quote, "very privileged, tons of money." The couple reportedly met while skiing in Utah.

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