Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's time to outwit, outplay and outlast -- again.

CBS has unveiled the cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. The 20th edition of the popular reality show will pit former castaways known for their honorable style of play versus those who made waves for their deceptive methods.

You'd better believe this cast knows how to play the politics of Survivor. Nine of the players will be making their third appearance on the show, while ten of the castaways either won or finished as runner-up during their previous appearances, including winners SANDRA DIAZ-TWINE of Pearl Islands, PARVATI SHALLOW of Micronesia, JAMES "J.T." THOMAS JR. of Tocantins and TOM WESTMAN of Palau.

One notable personality who will be absent from the fun of Heroes vs. Villains is original Survivor winner RICHARD HATCH. He was convicted in 2006 for failing to pay his taxes and was serving home confinement last July when he asked a judge if could leave early to compete. The judge snuffed out his torch by turning down his request.

Here's a complete look at the cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, which premieres February 11th on CBS:


* Rupert Boneham, 45 Hometown: Indianapolis Previous Seasons: Pearl Islands, All-Stars
* James Clement, 32 Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana Previous Seasons: China, Micronesia
* Colby Donaldson, 35 Hometown: Christoval, Texas Previous Seasons: The Australian Outback, All-Stars
* Cirie Fields, 39 Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey Previous Season: Panama, Micronesia
* Amanda Kimmel, 24 Hometown: Kalispell, Montana Previous Seasons: China, Micronesia
* Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, 29 Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Previous Season: Gabon
* Stephenie LaGrossa, 29 Hometown: Glenolden, Pennsylvania Previous Seasons: Palau, Guatemala
* James "J.T." Thomas Jr., 25 Hometown: Samson, Alabama Previous Season: Tocantins
* Tom Westman, 45 Hometown: New YorkPrevious Season: Palau
* Candice Woodcock, 27 Hometown: Fayetteville, North CarolinaPrevious Season: Cook Islands


* Tyson Apostol, 30 Hometown: Lindon, Utah Previous Season: Tocantins
* Randy Bailey, 50 Hometown: Austin, Texas Previous Season: Gabon
* Danielle DiLorenzo, 26 Hometown: Boston Previous Season: Panama
* Russell Hantz, 37 Hometown: Dayton, Texas Previous Season: Samoa
* Jerri Manthey, 38 Hometown: Los Angeles Previous Seasons: The Australian Outback, All-Stars
* Robert "Boston Rob" Mariano, 33 Hometown: BostonPrevious Seasons: Marquesas, All-Stars
* Parvati Shallow, 27 Hometown: Vero Beach, FloridaPrevious Seasons: Cook Islands, Micronesia
* Sandra Diaz-Twine, 34 Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut Previous Season: Pearl Islands
* Benjamin "Coach" Wade, 38 Hometown: Susanville, California Previous Season: Tocantins
* Courtney Yates, 28 Hometown: Boston Previous Season: China

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