Friday, March 19, 2010

It’s FINALLY HERE…Tonight at midnight, New Moon is released on DVD. 2 disc, special edition, jammed pack with vampire and werewolf goodness!!


More on the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James breakup…they’re saying there might be MORE women in the picture than just Michelle Bombshell McGee and that he was apparently telling people the whole marriage was a sham for publicity. He’s apologized…sort of. Loosely…barely, saying most of the allegations are "untrue and unfounded." Needless to say the story is still developing…


Ryan Seacrest is in a bit of hot water. On Wednesday night, after Lacey Brown was eliminated from the show, he grabbed his Blackberry and tweeted that she’d be on his show the next day. Here’s the thing. The West coast hadn’t SEEN the show yet, so it ruined the results…and the ratings plummeted- the smallest ever for a "regularly scheduled in-season episode". They’re trying to decide if there will be repercussions.


Ladies, Bachelor Jake Pavelka is dealing with three pulled muscles in his back and blisters on his feet, but DON’T WORRY, he WILL push through the pain and compete Monday night on DWTS. How you ask? Well, he starts his day with an 800 calorie shake concoction containing oatmeal, eggs, banana and blueberries. He then studies dance videos for 45 minutes before heading to the studio.


You’re gonna wanna stay up tonight and watch the news, Justin Bieber’s on ABC’s Nightline. He talks about how growing up in a divorced home was actually pretty cool and how Usher helped make him famous. He also talks about his favorite food, favorite hobbies and favorite color. PVR this one.

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