Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lindsay Lohan is launching a handbag line – for Ed Hardy. They thought she’d be a good fit, and apparently they’re working on at least 3 collections. Seriously – do ppl still like the glitter and tigers sprouting roses? I guess, you can walk around with her Ed Hardy purse after you’ve used her tanning spray Sevin Nyne that apparently doesn’t stink. (now at Sephora).


DWTS on Monday night had the highest ratings they’ve ever had in 10 seasons (23 million- when compared, beating Idol). Kate Gosselin was TORN apart by the judges and some are saying she’s regretting spending so much money getting ready for the show since she might get kicked off next week. Botox ($1,000), new extensions ($5800), work on her cheeks ($11,000), eye procedures ($5500) and new porcelain veneers ($1300 per tooth) – how many teeth do we have? She’s saying it’s ALL natch. - OVER $35,000?!?!


J-Woww and Ronnie from Jersey Shore are writing a book. It’s gonna be called Never Fall In Love at The Jersey Shore. Oh and Pauly D is auctioning off his prized possession for charity – his tanning bed. Ps, the show starts airing in 30 countries today, including Argentina. So GYM TANNING AND LAUNDRY will be translated to "Gimnasio, Bronceado, Lavanderia".


Reggie Bush and Kim Kardash are officially SPLITSVILLE, apparently he’s with a waitress named January Gessert now…


The question on everyone's mind - when Tiger plays in the Masters, will Elin be there? No way whatsoever. According to the Chicago Sun Times, she’s going to be out of the country, and “couldn’t care less about Tiger’s return to golf or anything else for that matter”.


Brad Garrett’s show Til Death was cancelled, ABC is getting a new reality show called Boston Med where we’ll see the first-ever filming of a face transplant in the U.S. Oh and tonight a new show on the CW called Fly Girls – we learn what flight attendants do when they're NOT flying!

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