Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ke$ha’s not making many friends in the industry. First she called Britney washed up and will be forgotten about in 10 years, now, she’s having to apologize to Justin Bieber. In the April Maxim she described him as a “tiny little baby that she’d like to push around on stage in a carriage”. She just posted an apology on Twitter, saying “Dear Justin, I am so sorry if my bad joke hurt your feelings, I think U R rad”. He hasn’t responded. He’s too busy being on the View, ps he hit on Barbara Walters yesterday, he’ll be back today when his 2nd album drops – Oh – and I saved the best for last. Ian has posted a 42 second video where JUSTIN shows you how to get his HAIR EXACTLY!! Ps - you can SERIOUSLY get “The Bieber” haircut now. (PS he’s also on Letterman tonight then SNL April 10th).


An insider says George Clooney is “getting ready to be single again” - that’s his pattern. He’ll do something to help the career of the girl he’s dating (he just got Elizabetta a pilot on TNT called Leverage) – then he says Buh-Bye, so he can find the next cocktail waitress!

Oh PS- we think Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are on the rocks again too- some say he’s with a mystery brunette now...


Octomom, Nadya Suleman has to make a $450,000 payment to cover her house, if she doesn’t, it’ll be foreclosed. Now. Here’s where it gets weird. Vivid Entertainment has offered to pay off the outstanding balance, in exchange for her signing a movie contract. They’ve assured her that she would be “supported by top hair and makeup artists and will look glamorous and would also have her choice of on-screen partners. No…we don’t want to see that!!!


Today on DVD- The Blind Side, Fantastic Mr Fox, Men Who Stare at Goats, Mad Men Season 3 and 7th Heaven Season 10. Oh and Miley Cyrus mentors the Idol contestants.

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