Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Author Stephenie Meyer has written a TWILIGHT spinoff! June 5th, it’s called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Now the NOVELLA, tells a story from the point-of-view of Bree, a young member of Victoria’s evil newborn vampire army that’s featured in Eclipse. It’s set during the plotting of the attack on Edward and Bella. OMG OMG. – K so the profits will aid Haiti and Chile (if you buy it), but Stephenie said you can read it for free for the first month on (Eclipse June 30th).


Ok, I KNOW we have a Lindsay Lohan ban happening right now, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as Lois Lane if I didn’t say this. Some of the world’s biggest wire services released yesterday that they’ve prepared for the worst. They have Lindsay’s obituary written and ready to go. – Typically it’s done for stars in their 70’s – like Regis Philbin. Journalist Rob Shuter said they completely scrambled for Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy, but they’re SUPER concerned for Lindsay.


Jesse James update: Looks like he’s checked into rehab. Not sure if it’s for sex, or drugs or alcohol or the combo pack. His camp however, still maintains that 80% of ALL OF THIS TABLOID FRENZY is pure fiction.

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