Thursday, March 11, 2010


More details on Corey Haim’s death yesterday. Police say early indications are that Haim died of an apparent accidental drug overdose- they found prescription meds. He had been experiencing flu like symptoms and I guess paramedics worked on him for nearly a half hour before they took him to the hospital. It gets worse, he had been sharing an apartment with his mom Judy, taking care of HER, cuz she had cancer, so BAD.

Get this, he has gone to rehab 15 times, admits that he would do coke then literally pop upwards of 85 Valium a day to come down….in 2007 he weighed over 300lbs…and…literally 9 days ago, on March 2nd, he was approached by the casting crew of Dr Drew to be on Celebrity Rehab - saying IT's the last show I'd ever do, I do NOT need help.


Member Guns N Roses? Well Slash (that’s big hat/big hair right?) is teaming up with Nickelodeon to design a Dora the Explorer backpack. They’re launching a series of limited edition celebrity designed bags, then will auction them this summer to raise money for the Children’s Defense fund. Shakira and Salma Hayek will also help out. We WILL be able to get them in Canada.


She’s had 2 failed marriages but that’s not stopping Madonna from being on the panel of Jerry Seinfeld’s new show The Marriage Ref tonight. She’ll be with Ricky Gervais from the Office and Larry David from Curb. All we know is that she was feisty, outspoken and cursed a lot.

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